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Who I am

My name is Andrea and I am a professional wedding photographer, passionate about motorcycles and travel.


I love life and people and that's why I decided to tell stories, tell through photography unrepeatable moments of a couple who embark on a new journey, that of marriage.


My photography represents me because it is discreet and silent, but at the same time powerful and sincere.


I work as a wedding photographer in the province of Brescia, but not only.

I have worked in different areas of Italy, from Trentino-Alto Adige to Sardinia. I have done photo shoots at Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and Lake Braies, and in big cities, in Milan, Verona, Bergamo, Parma, Venice, Trento and Cagliari. 

The love for wedding photography combined with the love for travel does not limit me in my travels.


I started doing this work several years ago; when I started it was simply a game, but then I realized that I felt the need to tell stories, to tell through photography moments that would not be repeated.

Taking pictures made me think, because it made me realize that wedding photography is the only thing of that day that will be preserved over time.


To this day I don't consider it a job, but a real passion, a real and deep love for wedding photography.


If you think that I might be your personal photographer, then all you have to do is contact me and I will be happy to tell you about that important day together.

A.C. fotografia
A.C.Fotografia-Andrea Cittadini-Chi sono-Fotgrafo di matrimonio-Wedding photorapher
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