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"If you think a professional costs you too much it’s because you have no idea how much an incompetent person will ultimately cost you."

Why should I pay a photographer?


Each wedding lasts about 12/14 hours, but the shooting phase of that day is only a small part of what the photographer will do. Why? Soon said:

After your wedding is over there will be immediate backups to ensure that all your photos are saved on multiple archives. For what reason? Because, if you lose your photos over the years, I will always have a saved copy.

Then there is the phase of selecting the most important and significant photos of your wedding, sometimes it takes many hours just to select a hundred shots. Once this is done, we dedicate ourselves to post-production, arranging the shots selected one by one.

Finally, we move on to the phase of layout of your album. Even this work involves a lot of time, both in the choice of photographs and in their modification, both in the layout according to a criterion.  


Is it really that long?


The photographer's work is not a chain work, every wedding requires special attention since it is a craft and artistic work and especially a work made to measure for each couple. No marriage is the same as another, which is why everything I do will reflect your needs and desires.


How much will my marriage cost?


The answer is it depends! On what? 

On several factors, whether there will be travel, how long your wedding will last, whether you want the pre-wedding service, whether you want the video, whether you want the album, whether you want prints etc... all these options will depend on you.

That's why I invite you to send me an email or SMS via whatsapp at +393271806876 with all your requests and needs.

Moreover, I will be with you for the whole day, so I will personally follow you from the bride and groom's preparations to the cake cutting and dancing.

All the shots I will take will be unlimited and will be delivered to you all in high resolution on a USB device in an elegant memory stick.

Here you can find my brochure to download so you can evaluate different packages.


I will be at your disposal to guide you in the choice that best reflects your needs and to help you build an exclusive service tailored to you!

By contacting me by email at you can express your requests and your questions, if you want to have immediate answers you can also contact me through whatsapp at +393271806876 and I will respond as soon as possible.

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