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Questions and Answers

What is my photographic style?
I love my job and that’s why I decided to work alone! I use a purely reportage style, because I love telling photography in a truthful way, especially if it is such an important event as marriage!
I use this style for much of the day, capturing in a natural and spontaneous way all the moments of your wonderful day.
I always try to be as discreet as possible, avoiding forcing poses and situations.
I like to take pictures, but I usually only devote a few minutes to this kind of photography.
My photographic style is not for everyone ... I do not use Photoshop to remove wrinkles, instead tell the reality, and I do it in the style that suits my person.

How long in advance should I contact you for my wedding?


Approximately between 6 and 8 months before as I always guarantee my presence.


Every year there are more requested dates and others less, the most popular months are May, June and September, so I can advise you to hurry up as soon as you have decided.

Would you like to take some time to decide, while you can keep the date occupied?

The date will only be committed for a few days after which it will be considered free.
I receive many requests for a quote and it would be impossible for me to write down and recall all the undecided.
The priority will be given to who will sign the contract and paid a deposit (to be established with the couple).

I want you to know my photographer, how can I book you?

Simple! As soon as you have decided you have to contact me by email or by whatsapp and make an appointment so that you can meet us in person and evaluate your needs.
If you have problems meeting us due to time or work do not worry, I can email you the contract and we can arrange by phone.

Will you be at our wedding?

Since I’ve decided to work only on a limited number of marriages, I always guarantee my presence.

Do you work only in your province or in other parts of Italy?

No, I don’t just work in the provinces, but I move all over the country.

How much is the transfer?

The price for the trip varies from the place of interest, will be considered several factors, including whether there will be to take the plane, whether the wedding will last several days and distance.
However, we will discuss it together and consider the best solution.

How many pictures will you take at our wedding?

Difficult to say, every wedding is a unique and different event so you never know how many photos you will take but I can guarantee you that with my photographs I will tell the whole day without even missing a moment.
I focus more on quality than quantity.

How many photos will you deliver when you’re done?

I will deliver all the photos of the day in high resolution on USB device, plus a selection of post-produced photos, which varies depending on the event told.

When will our pictures be ready?

Generally it takes about 20/30 days to deliver the photos only, but if you have an emergency in 15 days the photos will be ready, while the album takes about 2/3 months.

If you have any doubts, requests or other questions do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer your questions.

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